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Search Engine Optimisation 

Search engine optimisation is a method of increasing your positions on search engines in the natural or organic listings. It is often refered to as SEO & as Google and other search engines like to have their natural listings as "natural" as possible & it can be very tricky to achieve results. Search engines have spent years developing systems & algorithms that punish websites that try to trick them. Spammy websites or low quality links almost always have a negative effect on positions.

Here at Redglow Solutions we have years of expertise in careful & precise SEO and are able to slowly increase your positions & acheive results even for companies with a small budget for marketing. We use a mixture of changes to your website & building high quality links to develop results.

SEO is not a quick process and results are always varied and dependant on a mixture of competition and the current reputation of the clients website & we can never guarantee particular positions.

Due to the time frame required to acheive results (usually 6-18 months) - we can often offer our new clients with Adwords marketing (sponsored adverts on Google) as part of the package. This offers an instant listing on Google which we will remove once their website has a first page coverage. If you are interested in our SEO please dont hesistate to enquire.