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Conversion Tracking & Analysis

Conversion tracking is a code that is generated through your Adwords account that tracks visitors to a particular page on your website. It can tell you how many visitors converted into business if placed on the correct page. For e-commerce websites the tracking code should be placed on the payment confirmation page and for services websites should be placed on the e-mail submission page. In our opinion it is the single most important tool to analyze the success of a campaign.Conversion tracking is vital to the success of a campaign. Each click on your website is not of the same value. For example, if you sell cameras on your website, the phrase "cameras for sale" will produce less sales per visitors (conversion rate) than the phrase "Samsung NX300". It important that you know exactly what the conversion rate is - if you know that "Samsung NX300" has a conversion rate of 6% and "cameras for sale" has a conversion rate of 1% you can adjust your bids according.

Here at Redglow Solutions we include conversion tracking as part of our service and will not charge any extra for the generation and set up of it. As with all our PPC Management services - there is no extra charge for any of the work we agree to do . The only situation where we will charge extra is if there is a very large change to your Adwords account - i.e new product range or new website.


The most important factor of any advertising is whether or not it is profitable. By careful analysis you can determine which individual parts of your campaign are worthwhile and which are not. It is important to also show our clients the reason behind the changes we make and how effective each section of the account has performed. With good analysis and reporting we can make improvements to a marketing campaign over time. We can identify trends and ensure that if new competitors start to advertise we can make clear & explainable changes. However, the most important statistic is the actual cost per conversion (cost per acquisition - CPA). We can use this to maintain profitability offer the whole account and ensure that every penny spent is worthwhile.