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Google adwords setup


If you are new to Google's sponsored listings it can be difficult to truely understand all the available options and all the tools that are available on the interface. The truth is that the default settings on Adwords usually create very broad list of search terms & place them on every available platform. It usually creates a campaign that is wasteful and is not as effective as your competitors - many of whom will have an expert working on it.

On top of wastage - your position on the sponsored listings is not just down to your bid. A well run campaign will pay less per click than a badly run campaign for the same position & phrase on Google. It is important that your new adwords account, when set up, is as profitable as possible & a badly run campaign will almost always not be. There must be a reason why so many of your competitors are using Adwords and its is important that you have a chance to compete with them

Here at Redglow Solutions Ltd. we are able to offer FREE ADWORDS ACCOUNT SET UP (as long as there is a sensible budget or you have a good size company that has a good marketing budget) and we only charge a small percentage fee of your total budget. We often find that when we manage accounts we double the effectiveness of the marketing and we strongly believe that any industry can benefit from an Adwords account as long as it is managed properly.

If you are thinking about starting advertising with Google but you are not very good with computers we will more than happy to help. You would be able to see every penny spent as you would have full access to read the account. It is very easy to waste hundreds of pounds on clicks that are completely irrelevant and create no new customers. We are also able to arrange different discount vouchers for new accounts through our contacts at Google. If you are interested or would like more information please contact us and we would be delighted to help.